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As the world is cruising into a new era, everything now needs to be more attractive and less time consuming. And there are, in fact, no exceptions to this rule including the human resources department. With tones of resumes with so much of content, confusing formats reaching every company’s HR department on a daily basis, the reports indicated that, the recruiters are now interested to quickly flip through the digital pages of the slides that include all the required information, but in a sophisticated manner.

Although it’s not sure as to who has come up with the idea of a visual resume, it is evident that almost all job agencies now provide the option to build up a visual resume.

What is a visual resume all about?

Visual resume, as the name suggests, is your document that contains more pictures and slides and less content. Nevertheless, it intends to provide all and even more information that you can fit into the two or three page word document.

You can even record a two-minute video of yours wherein you can clearly explain to the recruiters as to what your expertise is and what you are looking at. This will obviously help recruiters understand your body language and oratory skills, which in turn can cut down a round of interview to ascertain these important features.

How to develop a visual resume?

You should first have a clear idea as to how you want to present yourself and needs to come first. Once you are clear on that part, you must choose the right photographs-it can be your photos at work place or at your college or Google map (to simple locate your previous location and the present location).

You can even use the logos of different companies you worked for, in a slide, with a small heading. There are many other things that can be added to the visual resume to look it an outstanding one. You will obviously have to squeeze out your creativity and present it as best as possible. In case you find it tough to develop a visual resume, we at JOBSOG, will help you get the visual resume you always longed for.

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