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Post Landing Services

Pioneer in shaping the future of the optimists, the premier international job search agency JOBSOG offers post landing services to its clients for their convenience. The following are the basic post landing services that we offer.

Airport pickup:

You bid adieu to your near and dear and finally land in the place that’s completely new. You are not sure where to go and how to book a taxi. Everything will, all of a sudden, look so confused. It does happen when you don’t plan things in advance. In order to push these side-effects of immigration into bin, JOBSOG has started airport pickup service. Once you avail our post landing services, our cab driver will be waiting for you at the airport. After you land, he will get in touch with you on your number and will reach you to the accommodation you have already booked through us.


Landing in a new place and forking out unnecessary money at private hotels until you find a new house is really a pain in the neck. It is always advisable to rent a house much before you reach the country. How to find a house? How to sign the rental agreements? Will the house be near to my office?-these common questions will actually put anyone in the midst of utter confusion. To bring them out of such unnecessary panics, JOBSOG has undertaken accommodation search. We will search the house for you and inform you about the same in a place you suggest and within your budget.


Give insurance a skip and your life will be at risk, especially when you leave for foreign countries. While electronic goods do get a minimum warranty of a year and so, it’s actually unfortunate that there’s no warranty tag for a human. We actually can’t predict future but can only remain optimistic. However, to be on a safe land is an absolute must. You can be safe only when you insure. JOBSOG will help you insure for a period of three to six months, when you are geared up for foreign trips. Such insurance would cover medical, travel and loss of your baggage. Isn’t it a good idea to avail our post landing services?

Foreign Exchange:

Imagine you were to travel from India to UK and take some quick pounds converted at some money exchange bank you know. Is that all enough to travel to another country? Is it really safe to carry bundles of currency notes with you? It’s not advisable to carry physical cash that’s more than enough for minimum expenses. You need to have international debit cards and traveler’s cheque. JOBSOG will take care of all these things and even the exchange of currency for best rates.

International calling cards:

Keeping your near ones informed about your safe arrival and your whereabouts is absolutely necessary. You don’t have to rush here and there or sob for unavailability of telephone booths when you feel like talking to your folks. We provide you international calling cards with which you can happily communicate the moment you land.


When you actually decide to settle in foreign country, you don’t have to compromise on some important things that you made part of your live. It can be your favourite computer or an easy chair. You can completely rely of JOBSOG as we take care of your important things too. We will find the right shippers to shift your unaccompanied luggage to your new place.

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