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One To One Communication

JOBSOG is proud to announce that the one-on-one communication service is first of its kind introduced by a resume development company. Unlike others, who only look at the entire process is departmental or mechanical, we take into considerations our clients’ feelings. How the clients feel is of utmost importance to us. This is the only reason why we have introduced one to one communication.

Every client who avails our service would have a serial number and a case officer would be assigned for that particular number who would look into each and every minute detail that the person mentions and arrives at a possible solution when the latter is in confusion.

Our case officers not just act as career counselors, but ever address your grievances (if you face any) as we believe no person would be free of doubts and our case officers would not only solve the doubts but give the much needed assurance.

With high expertise in psychology and legal domains, the case officers would even talk to our resume developers and suggest the changes wherever required as per the clients’ satisfaction at any point of time when the service is active.

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