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International Resume Optimization

With tones of resumes hitting the companies in foreign countries, the chances of your resume getting noticed by the recruiter will undoubtedly be grim in case you follow the generic style of resume writing. Before you prepare a resume or copy a template from the internet and follow the same to build your profile, you must always remember that every person’s skills vary just like a person’s fingerprints. To put it in a nutshell, no two resumes should be alike.

Some person may be having better skills and the other might be having profound experienced. So, which point should be prioritized in the resume actually matters. So, going through the complete profile in detail and then preparing a resume that’s very neat and looks chronological is a must for any person who look out for an overseas opportunity.

Not sure how to go about it? Well, you shouldn’t worry when JOBSOG is actually into the business of relieving you off these resume tensions. We have got experience resume writers with rich experience and who knows what works with recruiters.

Once we receive you details, we would go through all your qualifications, experience, achievements and nonetheless your educational qualifications. Based on the order of merit, we would decide which section should be highlighted first. Supposing you are alumni of world class institutions such as Indian Institute of Management, we would definitely bring that on top to brighten the chances of finding a good opportunity.

International cover letter

Given recruiters actually don’t have more than a minute to go through your resume content, the need for a cover letter raised. Gone are the days where a recruiter has to read your complete profile to decide whether you are a right candidate. Now HR personnel will just go through the cover letter and would dig into the details only if cover letter gives an idea as to what they are actually looking at.

Considering all these details, we have started offering international cover letter service to prospective candidates who wish to find a right opportunity in foreign country. A cover letter typically carries the brief outline of who you are and what you are looking at. It’s a place where you can actually mention that you are in search of a long term opportunity (you can’t fit in this important line-which may attract the recruiter to schedule an interview for you-in a resume).

We generally encourage our clients to go for international cover letter even if they opt for international resume optimization as the latter will be more fruitful it has the right cover letter. You are always welcome to get in touch with us through email or voice call to know more about the international cover letter and how it’s useful for your profile. .

10 things we do for you

Established with an aim to uproot the hurdles in resume making, JOBSOG, the leading resume consultants in the country is all here to leave no signs of sigh on the faces of the job seekers. We at JOBSOG take every step to ensure that your resume straight away hits the bull’s eye and increase the prospects. You must be wondering as to what are those customized services that can actually transform your resume from an ordinary one to world class? Well, there are many a things we actually take care of and it depends from client to client. However, below are ten important services that are actually common to all.

  • ATS Friendly:-

    Every resume portal has a application tracking software that would quickly go through piles of resumes in the database and come up with results. Only the resumes that actually have right keywords will crawl through the software. We make sure that the content that is presented in your resume is application tracking software friendly. This is actually the first step of your resume success.

  • Highlighting the key points:-

    You must have won a gold medal in an Olympiad or climbed the Everest. These unique things would obviously catch the attention of a potential recruiter and we actually study your profile in depth and come out with the unique things that can actually promote yourself.

  • Formatting:-

    We make sure that the resume content is appropriately placed with uniform font size and font type. We would try some of the world’s best acceptable fonts. Always remember that every profile doesn’t carry the same font type and it’s never generic. There are a set of ideal fonts and depending on the profile of the candidate, we decide the font.

  • Right objective:-

    Our objective is to present your objective crystal clear. A business manager’s profile should contain an objective that must be business oriented. Depending the domain of the person, we choose multiple objectives of the same domain and filter them and finalize on the best.

  • Checking date format:-

    It is a must to mention the date and place at the end of the resume. Equally important is the date format. Depending on the country you choose, you must go with mm-dd-yy or dd-mm-yy etc. Secondly, recruiters from some countries like to see date as 22-07-2014 while some prefer 22nd October 2014. Since our resume specialists know a-z about these date formats, they would select the right date format.

  • Spell check:-

    Once your resume is done, our staff would go through the spelling, check and cross check them so that there isn’t any scope for error. We run your resume through two types of high profile spell checkers and even go for manual checking. So, it’s a three-tier spell checking at JOBSOG that puts your resume error free.

  • Correcting the grammar:-

    Grammar is an essential part of the resume. There are many people who write in present tense when they talk of previous experiences, which can give a bad impression and spoil the complete of landing in a golden job. We at JOBSOG will go through the content from top to bottom and check if the grammar is correct and in compliance with the standards of the country that the client opts for.

  • Removing the duplications:-

    People get so overwhelmed when they write their resume that they accidentally mention the same thing more than once. Once we have your resume, we would thoroughly go through it and remove the duplications from it so that there’s no repetition.

  • Right keywords:-

    Right keywords are a must when you prepare a resume. When you use the keywords such as business development at appropriate places, a potential recruiter who’s in search of a business development manager can land in to your profile even if he searches for the profile on Google. Keywords give a sharp edge over others.

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