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Germany Job Seeker Visa

Overview of Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany Jobseeker Visa is outlined by Federal Government to entice qualified skilled professionals who can address the skill shortages of the country. Germany Jobseeker Visa facilitates skilled professionals to find work in Germany. Skilled professionals who hold a German or other recognized university degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a German degree will be able to obtain Germany Job Seeker Visa.

Germany Job Seeker Program Details

•   Job Seeker Visa for Germany entails you with Long-term Residence Permit, which allows you to reside and seek work in Germany for a maximum period of six months.
•   Germany Jobseeker Visa enables you to schedule interviews with German employers
•   Upon getting a job in Germany, the holders of Germany Jobseeker Visa can easily obtain Germany Work Visa

Benefits of Germany Job Seeker Visa

•   Search for a job in Germany for six months.
•   Explore employment and career prospects of Germany
•   A prior job offer is not required to apply for Germany Job Seekers Visa
•   Pathway to employment based residence permit

Germany Jobseeker Visa Eligibility Requirements

•   Valid German degree or international degree comparable to German degrees.
•   Financial sufficiency
•   Accommodation should be pre-arranged
•   Travel and medical insurance
•   Relevant work experience will be an added advantage to Germany Jobseeker Visa applicants.

Driving the world with innovation and research, working in Germany is the great privilege for any individual to enrich their career prospects. Being one amongst the world's largest economies, Germany flourishes the industrial sector with its cutting-edge technologies. Boasted of low-unemployment rate, working in Germany can be easily accomplished by skilled professionals who can plug the skill shortages in the country. As the country is lack of skilled professionals, one can easily find work in Germany at faster pace. If you are an eligible skilled professional who wish to work in Germany, you can file an application for Germany Jobseeker Visa.

Most in-demand jobs in Germany

•   Engineers and tech heads
•   Health care professionals
•   Retail and Metal
•   Energy and electrical
•   Automotive

How Jobsog will assist you?
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Process for Germany Immigration Visa Program

•    Sign-Up with Jobsog
•    We will allocate a case officer to you who will guide you through the entire process
•    Case officer will help you out in filling up the application forms for visa
•    If required, we will even book a visa interview date for you
•    You are required to submit the required documentation and proof of funds at the visa office?
•    We even guide you regards to touring Germany and searching for an opportunity there

Resume Optimization for Applicant

Jobsog processes your application at a faster pace compared to other job consultants. The moment we receive your request to prepare your resume, our resume experts will plunge into the work. After your resume is prepared, we would take confirmation from your end to shoot the same to various job consultants that are in the country that you have selected. The entire process would typically take less than 45 working days. However, based on your urgency we can work on it even on a priority basis. You must note that Jobsog will only brighten your chances to get an opportunity

Applicant Cost & Process Time line

The whole process would cost Rs. 45,000 only and your application will be processed within a time frame of two to four months.

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