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Germany Jobseeker Visa
Work Visa
  • Features Include

  • Visa Process time 2-4 months
    6 Months Valid Visa
    Visa processing
    Job Assistance for 3 months
    International Resume Optimization
    International Cover letter
    Post landing Services

RS 45000
Value for money
  • Features Include

  • International cover letter
    Resume optimization
    Spider Webbing
    Customized marketing
    Client relationship officer
    60 day service


RS 30000
Most popular
  • Features Include

  • International cover letter
    Resume optimization
    Spider Webbing

    Resume Blaster

    Client relationship officer

    60 day service

    One resume draft


RS 24000
Note : 1. Exclusive of 15% Service Tax.
2. Amount paid for service is non Refundable.
3. In case you unhappy with service provided, either timeline can be extended or alternative service will be provided.


  • Resume Optimisation + Cover Letter
  • Resume Marketing (2 Months)
  • Visual Resume (Web, pdf)

Building a resume is not just about collecting and compiling information. We need to understand the do's and don'ts of resume writing. Especially when sending the resume to an international recruiter who, according to statistics spends a maximum of 5 minutes per resume. You would want to keep the information mentioned to the minimal and that too the important and top priority information at the top, so that the recruiter does not miss any information. And also has to make the resume in a template that's widely used in the said country in order to make it easier for the recruiter to go through your resume to look for information.

Looking for a job in one's own country itself is a tedious task and looking for a job in a foreign country is much harder. When hiring, recruiters prioritize local talent, failing which they look outside of the county. So we need to make sure we make our resume highly competitive and visible. At Jobsog we researched into various methods to make our client's resume highly visible by taking the time and knowledge of posting it at all the right places.

It is said that a picture speaks a 1000 words, so why not experiment with a visual resume, after all it seems to be the way of the new age jobseeker. A visual resume adds pictorial information such as graphs, bars, pie charts etc. to a clients' resume, making it lighter to grasp. Clients with professions such as "web designers, bloggers, clothing designers, chefs, architects etc specially gain from a visual resume as it allows them to showcase their work to the recruiter".

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