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Vancouver, Canada needs 15,500 IT Professionals to fill the Available Vacancies

Vancouver, Canada needs 15,500 IT Professionals to fill the Available Vacancies

Mar 26,2015

Vancouver is highly in need of tech professionals to fill more than 15,500 tech jobs that are about to come in between 2015 and 2019, a recent report released by the Information and Communications Technology Council revealed.   

Vancouver is a great city and a great place to reside, however, its advanced technology has made it as a tech hub, which made it a most sought after destination for the brightest and best computer scientists across the world, stated Dennis Lopes, the director of legal and corporate affairs with Microsoft Canada. 

It is also offers a greater degree of flexibility for people who wish to live. Being a tech hub is the best thing that makes it easier for folks who are wishing to relocate. He added that the Microsoft Canada Excellent Centre, a research hub is set to open in the newly refurbished Pacific Centre complex, will lure the best and brightest minds from across the world. It is expected that the Excellence Centre will reinforce the tech hub and most people who wish to work will choose Vancouver a perfect place to reside permanently. 

And, Microsoft has given a labour market exemption for the new centre, which enables the company to bring overseas workers without the need to conduct a labour market impact assessment for every designation provided there is no Canadian to fill the available position.

According to the labor market outlook 2015-2016 demonstrates that there will be a deficit of tech talent to fill the available positions throughout Canada, noticing a need of 182,000 new people to fill the positions. As per the report, they are having enough skilled people to meet the growing demand. 

Vancouver needs more ICT professionals to address the needs of the labor market, Lopes added. 

The BCTIA introduced its Innovation Hub, aimed at assisting budding startup firms entice the talent they need to meet the demand. 

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