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Vacancies in UK Travel Industry Reach an Eighth-Year High

Vacancies in UK Travel Industry Reach an Eighth-Year High

Feb 18,2015

According to latest figures, the count of new vacancies in the tourism industry reached its maximum heights in January since March 2007. In a corresponding way, there was a robust increase on a yearly basis in the number of individuals on the lookout for new roles. In January, almost a quarter additional applicants registered than during the same time in the previous year.

Although the average income for new roles in the travel industry went down in comparison with the 20-month rise in December, January maintained an average of 6.75 percent which amounted to £25,652 during the same time period a year back. This Travel Salary Index statistics was given by Chisholm & Moore Executive Recruitment and the C&M Travel Recruitment.

According to Barbara Kolosinska, company director said that though the salaries’ figure in new travel jobs got lowered in January, the fact that is worth mentioning here was the Index’s greatest income figure during the previous month. Currently, travel employment seekers have a wide variety of attractive roles that they can engage themselves in as the salaries in this industry continue to remain above the 2014 average.

On speaking about the vacancies during the month of January, she said that it was like an understatement to say that travel companies were creating more jobs than in the past eight years as January was a peak month for the travel job sector. Additionally, there was an exceptional rise in the new job seekers’ count. The total number of such registrations from candidates rose much more than the average level of the last year. This yearly rise in the number of job openings as well job seekers will contribute to the tourism recruitment market being very busy for the next couple of months.

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