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Vacancies for LNG engineers in natural gas

Vacancies for LNG engineers in natural gas

Mar 01,2016

LNG industry is progressing from a construction to a production phase and the engineering skills that are required been altering with it.Gas has to be transported from the new applications on Curtis Island in Queensland and construction of Ichthys LNG project in Darwin, the Northern Territory, is at its final stage.Western Australian branch of Engineers Australia past president, Francis Norman, said that if the industrial landscape changes then engineers have to change simultaneously with it.

However, it is important that this change is recognized by Australia’s engineers and reform their skill sets to best address this, said Francis Norman, Engineers Australia.He also added as, that there are probably two generations of engineers who have spent their entire time on Greenfield or new build facilities. Those sorts of careers and experiences are not needed when you are in a development phase. In this expansion period now, future chances in the sector are almost in all areas of operations support and maintenance.In the media player, there are some short cuts as “Space” to play, “M” to mute, “left” and “right” to seek.
In Audio, Francis Norman, from Engineers Australia said engineers need to amend their skills for new phase of LNG industry (ABC Rural)

According to the latest survey by Hays recruitment, it is found that 61 percent of experts in the Australian LNG industry would be preferred to take lower pay to secure new or ongoing employment.
Francis Norman conveyed the keynote address in which he pointed the future opportunities for engineers and engineering companies, at the current year’s Australian Oil and Gas Conference in Perth, Western Australia.He also stated that, the game-changing floating LNG projects (FLNG) like the Prelude off the WA coast offer lots of new opportunities. The research shows that Australia has the skills and capability to pursue a world leading position in the support of the FLNG sector.He also warned that Australia should not take the FLNG opportunities for granted.

Francis Norman stated that the engineering industry needs to frame a strong, collaborative capacity, as well as analyze the global spaces in knowledge, skills and experience, so that our proficient workers can fill them, which means developing robust relationships between academic institutions, operators and the broader support industry.


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