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US Witnesses Increase in Higher-Paying Jobs

US Witnesses Increase in Higher-Paying Jobs

May 13,2015

The US has witnessed a huge increase in the number of higher-paying jobs. According to the Labor Department, construction and health care, professional and business services led to a gain of 223,000 jobs. The other fields such as Retail, leisure as well as hospitality lagged. 

The chief economist of Mesirow Financial, Diane Swonk, said that the US has more number of quality jobs. The Professional as well as business services added 62,000 jobs in the month of April, with robust advances in management as well as technical consulting, plus engineering and architectural services.

In the construction field an additional 45,000 jobs are added and the most in 15 months with a 4.6% rise in payrolls in the last 12 months, when compared to 2.2% rise for U.S. employment. The average hourly pay in the field are $27.28 — $2.41 more than the average of all private-sector employees. 

In the health care industry, the count of jobs increased. On a whole 226,000 jobs were added in the past six months, a lift from 164,000 the earlier six months.

Meanwhile, the retail industry added 12,100 jobs in April, below the half of the average of the earlier three months. Hospitality as well as leisure added 17,000 jobs and the field’s average monthly additions of 24,000 till 2015 are well under the last year's 40,000.

Sources said that a large number of part-time, low-paying jobs in retail and restaurant sectors are still required, particularly to provide entry-level work experiences for teens.

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