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US Opens Work Opportunities for Overseas Skilled Workers

US Opens Work Opportunities for Overseas Skilled Workers

Jan 01,2015

U.S. Company, Microsoft has almost 6,000 tech vacancies which can be filled by proficient skilled workers from abroad. Some of these candidates have acquired degrees from the renowned colleges and universities of the United States but were sent to their home country on completion of their studies. Such candidates would be more than willing to grab a job opportunity in big companies like Microsoft. 

The United States should reach out to the skilled workers who possess certain technical qualifications and skills. The country’s present H-1 B visa program should also be beefed up in order to fill the thousands of technical job vacancies which have so far remained unfilled because of employers not being able to find the suitable candidates. This should not be too difficult to achieve, provided politics doesn’t come in the way.

The U.S. should also make efforts to build interest among its American students towards engineering and technical courses. 

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