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US Labor Market Needs Skilled Employees

US Labor Market Needs Skilled Employees

Apr 27,2015

In the recent times, higher education has become more significant than ever before. Apparently, it is expected that by 2020, around two of each three US jobs may need some postsecondary education as well as training. In line with the Georgetown Public Policy Institution (GPPI), by the year 2020, 71% of Kansas jobs would need postsecondary education; it is 6% points over the country’s average of 65%. Kansas has carved a seventh place nationally.

Presumably, all over the country, by 2020, 34% of jobs need a high school diploma or less. In Kansas, only 29% of jobs need a high school diploma or less.

There are several programs that offer education for employment and has been recognized by various names such as career education, technical education and vocational education. These all emphasizes on similar thing—providing a familiar certificate to booming students for job opportunities accessible in the workforce. 

The most in-demand education is Career technical education offered by Kansas public colleges to attain amazing jobs. 

This Career technical education subsumes traditional programs like auto collision repair, automotive technology, culinary arts, cosmetology, welding technology, heating and refrigeration and medical assistant. 

Reportedly, US needs a highly skilled workforce for leading pioneering programs being improved in wind technology and automotive hybrid, wind farm management and electric vehicle.

Sources said that, ahead of the traditional vocational school offerings, Kansas has executed pioneering programs to augment the count of highly skilled employees in the state and boost the employability of the state’s nationals. A grant via the Kansas Board of Regents is also accessible for qualified students to assist cover the price of technical education programs.

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