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US Jobs Hit History High, Up 20% In 2016

US Jobs Hit History High, Up 20% In 2016

Apr 16,2016

The US wind power industry created a track record job high of 88,000 jobs at the commence of 2016, up 20% in the space of a year.

According to a latest statistics from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the America’s wind power industry promoted a record 88,000 jobs in the beginning of 2016, an rise of 20% over 2015. According to US Wind Industry Annual Market Report, end of 2015, signaled the strong job increase in the sector with the immediate news that wind power crowned new energy capacity in the US in 2015.

Tom Kiernan,CEO of AWEA said that the Wind power strengthens more American families than ever before. “We’re assisting young people in rural America searching a job close to home. Others are obtaining a new chance to remodel their careers by achieving a job in the booming clean energy industry. With long-term, stable policy in place, and a wider range of customers now holding cheap wind-generated electricity, our workforce can grow to 380,000 well-paying jobs by 2030.”

According to the report of AWEA, job growth in 2015 was primarily attributable to the expansion in wind project development covering the country, which involved more than 38,000 employees. The country’s wind manufacturing industry also experienced stability, and now supports 21,000 jobs across 43 states — up 10%.

Texas, unsurprisingly, tops with over 24,000 wind energy jobs, while Oklahoma in second place with 7,000 jobs, thanks to wind project construction. 
Jobs at wind farms, wind-related manufacturing facilities are now found in 70% of US Congressional districts.


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