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US is Likely to Create 58,000 Jobs in Next Five Years

US is Likely to Create 58,000 Jobs in Next Five Years

May 15,2015

Over the coming five years, approximately 58,000 jobs are going to be created throughout the US in the fields of agriculture and environment, as per Purdue University employment report.
The director of the United State NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture), Sonny Ramaswamy, stated that the jobs replicates the need for extremely skilled labor force to support the industries, among projections of a global populace, which is likely to increase to 9 billion by 2050.
Sources said that the graduates are vital to meet US and global priorities of sustainable energy, food security as well as environmental quality. 

According to the report, each year, 46% of expected 57,900 job opportunities would be in business as well as management. And 27% would be in technology, science, mathematics and engineering.
Twenty-seven percent will be in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, the so-called STEM areas.
Around 15% of jobs will be in biomaterials and food production, and 12% of openings in communication, education as well as governmental services.

Report Highlights:

• Most of the employers prefer to recruit graduates of agriculture, renewable natural resources, agriculture and environment programs, student grads from these streams can fill around 60% of estimated yearly openings. Simultaneously, the enrollments in these streams rise and the job market becomes a bit more viable, good job opportunities over the next five years are estimated.
• Uneven rise in job opportunities
• There must be a robust employment market for marketing agents and e-commerce managers, agriscience educators, ecosystem managers, pest control specialists as well as crop advisers. 
• Employment opportunities in STEM areas are likely to increase with the robust markets for food scientists, plant scientists, water resources scientists and engineers, sustainable biomaterials specialists, precision agriculture specialists as well as veterinarians.
• Over 50% of graduates in food, renewable natural resources, agriculture and environment higher education fields are women

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