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Unenclosed borders to unveil violence, warn immigration officials to Clinton ahead of the election

Unenclosed borders to unveil violence, warn immigration officials to Clinton ahead of the election

Nov 07,2016

Immigration officials, concerned about Tuesday’s elections, are notifying voters to shun Hillary Clinton, because of her “radical” unsecure perception of  open borders, which can unleash  ferocity among American communities and “cause countless preventable deaths”

Nation’s border exigency is going effectively unreported by “corporate-funded media,” that is worsening the crisis with immigration policies of Hillary Clinton. The officials have given a warning which was inscribed in a statement by the president of the National ICE Council, that comprises of the country’s agents and personnel and 5,000 frontline officers.

“Hillary’s pledge for ‘open borders’ will mean disaster for our country, and turn the present border emergency into a cataclysm,” writes ICE Council President Chris Crane. “Hillary’s plan would unleash violent cartels and brutal transnational gangs into US communities and cause countless preventable deaths.”

Poverty-stricken Hispanic and immigrant communities will be affected hugely by the unrestricted number of incomers into the nation; announced with detailed explanation by  Crane.

 ICE officials, at the front line, made sightings of more numbers of unlawful immigration that never happened before. Corporate-funded Media will not cover the happening.  Irrelevant to their purpose and objectives, border intruders are being released by the officials. American society is in a fearsome position where drug cartels,  gang members and smugglers are taking advantage of the situation.  This kind of influx is impacting the poor communities such as Hispanic communities and immigrant communities who are having to tolerate economic violence and illegal immigration surge.

ICE agents and the border patrol forces are repeatedly claiming that the present surge is the “worst we’ve ever seen it” -   even more remarkable than the border crisis in 2014. Officers are explaining that there is no place for incoming migrants, and agents are ordered forcefully to release illegal border-crossers that include “would-be perpetrators or terrorists whose intent is to harm Americans or our country as a whole” into American communities where they can vanish “into the wind never to be seen by us again.”

The National ICE Council in September supported Donald Trump over Clinton and “urged all Americans, especially the millions of lawful immigrants living within our country, to support Donald J. Trump, and to protect American jobs, wages and lives.” This was the most noticeable support by the ICE counsel’s first endorsement of each candidate for any elected office.

Crane warned, stating the endorsement, against Clinton’s “radical plan” of “total amnesty plus open borders” which “would result in the loss of innocent American lives, mass victimization and death for many attempting to immigrate to the United States, the total gutting of interior enforcement, the handcuffing of ICE officers, and uncontrollable flood of illegal immigrants across U.S. borders.” He further stated that the scheme of non-enforcement, advocated by Clinton, “results in the daily loss of life.”

Donald trump has assured to implement the nation’s immigration law and will put forward an “America first” migration policy that will put forward, the requirements and interests of the U.S electorate.  Trump said to the Breitbart News in the first half of this year “After my inauguration, for the first time in decades, Americans will wake up in a country where their immigration laws are enforced,” 


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