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Unemployment Rate in Saskatchewan Cinched to Lowest in Canada

Unemployment Rate in Saskatchewan Cinched to Lowest in Canada

Feb 16,2015

For the 26th month in a row, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan has showed the lowest rate of unemployment in the country. This rate was 4.5% in January alongside of Alberta. This was much lower than the national average of 6.6% as per a report released by Statistics Canada.

Since 2007, January was only the fourth month to experience job losses in Saskatchewan. Jeremy Harrison, the Minister responsible for Immigration, Jobs, Skills and Training, said that the low oil prices will have an effect on the labor market and economy of the Canadian province. However, the good news is that employment losses have only reached its fourth month since 2007, thus maintaining the lowest rate of unemployment. Over 11,000 jobs are available in the region. The national rate of unemployment was 12.8% while Alberta recorder 7.5%, followed by Saskatchewan at 8.8%.

Job opportunities grew by 3,900 in Saskatoon and 1,100 in Regina. This included a host of industries like construction (up 2,000), insurance, finance, real estate and leasing (up 2,300) and educational services (up 3,200). Despite the economical crisis in this Canadian province in 2009, Saskatchewan led the country’s way in creation of jobs so that the economy is even more diverse today and they are well-equipped to face the future

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