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UK's Royal Bank of Scotland to Offshore Jobs to India

UK's Royal Bank of Scotland to Offshore Jobs to India

Jan 24,2015

The biggest state-owned bank in Britain, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is about to reduce approximately 160 job opportunities in UK and instead move 60 of them to India. RBS has been reducing its retail operations and the present cuts in these bank jobs are also inclusive of wider cost-reduction methods. According to the RBS’s staff, Unite the Union, these 60 bank employment vacancies are related to back-end office roles which are being moved to India.

RBS which has its headquarters in Edinburg said in a statement that they would do all things possible to support staff. This would mean inclusion of redeployment opportunities and guaranteeing that repetitions were kept to a minimum. Also, these changes would mean that the bank’s relationship management teams worked efficiently and effectively to provide its customers with the best customer service.

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