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UK Healthcare Nurses under Tier 2 Visa Category

UK Healthcare Nurses under Tier 2 Visa Category

Jun 27,2016

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust has planned for a recruitment drive for foreign nurses working in the European Union and outside Europe. Foreign nurses working in the European Union countries are exempted from the Tier 2 visa category. However, the foreign nurses from the Europe will require applying through tier 2 visa categories. 


The Walsall Manor Hospital is facing huge shortage of qualified nurses who can work in its industries. NHS trust approved the plans of the hospital to recruit through international drive. According to the existing Tier 2 visa policies, the hospital must employ a nurse for four years under the skilled stream. 


The United Kingdom’s referendum did not reveal the results. It would be difficult to recruit nurses from the European Union, if the ‘Britons’ vote for leave campaign. Everything is going to change, new migration policies, economic policies, and new trade relations.


A booming overseas recruitment drive will save the Trust money long-term as it will lessen reliance on agency staff. The Trust will approach NHS advancements for some funding towards the recruitment campaign, making up the rest of the cost from contingency financial support.


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