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UE rate unchanged and Canada adds jobs in May

UE rate unchanged and Canada adds jobs in May

Jun 08,2015

The labor force of the country has received a hike of 58,900 extra jobs during the last month and thanks for the growth to the work of the private sector.

The report of the Canada’s statistics new job market states that the local rate of unemployment in the month of May remained locked for the straight fourth month at 6.8 percent.

A new reading is provided by monthly survey for the second-quarter economic data of Canada –an indicators batch who are under the close observation after the contract of the economy during the year’s prior three months.

The complete exclusive increase in the jobs during the last month has surpassed the expectations of the economists and offset more than 19,700 positions loss in the month of April.

The Canada statistics states that the country has added about 56,800 positions in the private sector during the last month and has lost about 19,100 jobs in the public sector.

The agency stated that the figure of the full-time jobs has increased by 30,900 as well as the part-time jobs figure hiked by 27,900.

According to the report it is stated that the unemployment rate in the month of April had a fall from 13.6 percent to 13.2 percent.

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