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UAE Job Markets Likely to Touch New High

UAE Job Markets Likely to Touch New High

Sep 01,2014

The recruitment markets in UAE are going to touch new high in the next three months as there has apparently been a large requirement in the fields of construction, banking, finance, oil, gas and petrochemicals.
The sources, which have told us, that employers are reportedly going to recruit heavily, have also mentioned that already 66% of UAE companies already recruited a large number of people in the last six months.
Bayt.com, which has apparently arrived at these figures through proper surveys, has said that UAE employers are in search of candidates who are proficient in Arabic and English languages. 
Further, the recruitment portal has said that many employers search for prospective candidates through online and encouraged people to apply their profiles online to get noticed.
Apart from working, the recruiters are mainly focusing on the ability level of the candidates for handling teams, said sources.
Sales managers, customer service representatives, human resource executives, executive assistants and project managers are likely to be recruited on a priority basis, reportedly mentioned Bayt.com. 
All in all, it’s a good sign to all those who are eyeing career in UAE.

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