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Twitter hiring software engineers in Canada

Twitter hiring software engineers in Canada

Sep 13,2016

Twitter has already established itself as a great resource to understand what’s happening globally or nationally, but it seems now the company is making a push for local awareness.

Twitter is recruiting engineers to its team in Canada; highlighting the evolution of the social media company’s hiring strategy north of the border, which focused mainly on sales and marketing staff in the past.

Twitter made headlines last October, when it declared it would lay off as much as eight per cent of its workforce in an effort to streamline its operations. As of June, the company had 3,860 employees.

In addition, because local content provides the company sensitive information, particularly location and time, Twitter will also enable tools safeguard the privacy of your location.

Leading this attempt is software engineer Kyle Galloway, who is currently based in New York but will be moving to Toronto.

However, always lasting in the background are concerns over safety. Twitter is rumored to be planning a tool to filter out harassment through keywords. This would actually remove tweets that contain a specific set of keywords and allow users to block swear words, racial slurs, and go over just blocking account owners.

Twitter now has 50 employees in Canada and the engineering team is presently hiring Data Scientist and a Software Engineer.


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