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Tool that supports employment in forest sector with good job openings

Tool that supports employment in forest sector with good job openings

Aug 23,2016

"With more than 230,000 direct forestry jobs in Canada today, we move to see opportunities on the horizon for young and more experienced workers in a host of job areas in forest operations, head offices and in the design, marketing and manufacturing of innovative forest products."

The Forest Products Association of Canada’s job-matching tool supports matching job hunters with job openings, thereby supporting economic development in communities across Canada.

Today’s modern forestry operations are looking for engineers, computer scientists, biologists, mill operators, environmental scientists,  and specialists in human resources, communications, the law, accounting and finance.

This new tool (thegreenestworkforce.ca), which is free for both employment seekers and employers, will not only support who are looking for work in the forest sector, but it will also provide advanced labor market information that can be used to guide forestry companies with their recruitment efforts, allow governments to improve public policies to better address employment requirements, and support our high schools, colleges and universities by  addressing students about the career opportunities that remain in Canada’s forest sector.

"One of the things that have dramatically changed since my summer assignments on the plant floor in Pembroke, Ont. is the technological transformation that has happened all through the industry,"

"The industry has changed a great deal. It’s more diverse, more high-tech and more sophisticated in its quest of sustainability," Nighbour said. "Those advances, according to an international analysis released earlier this year, have supported our industry earn the best reputation in the world for its environmental practices."


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