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There are good amount of job vacancies in Australia right now

There are good amount of job vacancies in Australia right now

Sep 01,2016

According to the Department of Employment’s latest Internet Vacancy Index (IVI), the percentage of skilled job openings fell by 2.2% to 164,996 in July after seasonal adjustments, trimming the increase from a year earlier to 5.6%.

Though the vast majority of job postings are now placed online in Australia, the IVI does not grasp vacancies that originate from sources such as employer websites, word-of-mouth and newspapers. It also does not take account numerous positions being advertised for a single job vacancy.

According to the government, vacancies lowered in six of the eight occupational groups surveyed in July, led by a 3.9% drop in vacancies for professional and machinery operators and drivers.

Although the monthly fall in most occupations groups, all categories saw vacancies raised from a year earlier. Demand for machinery operators and drivers and laborers has been particularly strong, rising by 23.4% and 29% respectively.

South Australia, at 20.1%, recorded the largest percentage increase in openings, with advantages of more than 10% seen in New South Wales, Tasmania and the ACT.

Outside of Perth, Northwest Western Australia and the mid and far-north coasts of Queensland — all relatively aligned with the mining sector — all other regions have seen vacancies increase over the past months.


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