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The U.S. economy appears to withstand a fed hike from record-low rates

The U.S. economy appears to withstand a fed hike from record-low rates

Dec 05,2015

Washington- In  this solid November, the U.S. has declared that there is increase in overseas job opportunities of around 2,11,000. Which will add value to its economic growth and will also be helpful to overcome from the struggling U.S. factories problems. As the U.S. economy appears to withstand a fed hike from record-low rates later this month.

The latest report from the U.S. government declares on Friday that, the unemployment rate remained as low (5%) till the second straight month of November. As most of the Americans started looking for the job, nearly all of them.

An hourly paid overseas job opportunities were modestly rose and the government has estimated that the demand for this overseas jobs were started from September and October. For the past 6 months over 213,000 overseas jobs were generated for the new employers.

The U.S. government has analyzed that these healthy overseas job opportunities include a strong growth in their dollar rate, which has exported to the overseas economies and by U.S. manufacturer goods with sinking oil prices, also led the overseas drilling companies to slash orders for steel pipes and other equipments. So, the increase in this overseas job opportunity will help to increase in its growth through the consumer spending on its economy.

Market ‘s Chief Economist, Mr. Chris Williamson said that, the U.S. is strong enough to withstand for an initial hike in their interest rates. As they can bare to improve for an emerging record- low levels. And the rate hike. For the December month there is back-up in holding the rest overseas job opportunities.

The previous economic strengths are the evidence for analyzing  the hiring patterns for the future overseas job opportunities. The Construction firms added 46,000 overseas jobs, which is the biggest increase from the past two years. Spending on the construction projects, like building the homes, roads, office towers have reached high in the October for an eight years.

In addition, restaurants has around 31,500 positions and for retail industries nearly 31,000. Apart from this still, many economists say that they are optimistic about keeping on raising their fund for their growth in the economy.  Companies are advertising the available recorded levels of overseas jobs and layoffs at very low levels too. Both levels figures the strong point of demanding the workers.

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