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The Job Market of Denmark Grows Yet Again

The Job Market of Denmark Grows Yet Again

Jun 03,2015

According to the Denmark statistics on Thursday, it was stated that in the month of March around 4,300 latest employees have entered work force bringing the country’s total around 2,599,400 earners of the wage.

The Labor movement’s economic council (LA) stated that the job growth had steadily been an indication that the labor market of Denmark turned itself and Erik Bjorsted who is its head analyst has not shared any concerns with Nielsen about the upcoming shortage of labor.

He wrote that things really look good while looking forward and more prognoses are being revised presently upwards pointing to the reports which are released on Tuesday by the Denmark economic council, which predicted the Danish GDP  this year to grow by 1.9% and in 2016 by 2.3%.

In addition, the Denmark economic council predicted that an extra 65,000 individuals would be joining the labor market in the upcoming years.


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