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Singapore in Need of Accountants; Aggressive Recruitment Underway

Singapore in Need of Accountants; Aggressive Recruitment Underway

Sep 19,2014

Are you an accountant aiming at an overseas career? If yes, Singapore is the right option for you. The city, which has been attracting a large number of software and business professionals for quite some time, is now decking up for stretching its arms for the accountants.
The  recent reports have revealed that banks are in urgent need of many accountants and are actually training the senior number crunchers/financial analysts who are not into banking so far.
As organizations are going through regulatory shift, many banks, insurance agencies and other management companies are recruiting a large number of regulatory accountants, said the experts.
Notably, the reports even said that there are not many expert accountants in the Asian countries. Therefore, number crunchers in neighboring countries of Singapore, on knowing this information, have apparently bee-lined at leading accountancy institutes and schools to meet the international accountancy standards, which would presumably fetch them regulatory accountant jobs in Singapore.
It has to be mentioned here that senior level regulatory accountants in Singapore are likely to get a handsome pay of around $130k, according to the market trends. The immigration experts are looking at this move as a boon to Indian nationals as Indian has got good number of chartered accountants who meet the international expectations. It looks like immigration to Singapore from India would touch a new high, looking at these trends, in the coming months. 

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