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second strongest year of job creation through job ads

second strongest year of job creation through job ads

Feb 09,2016

Overseas Employers demand for the Skilled staff with more job opportunities, tipped with highly demand job ads in three-and-a-half year high.

The quantity of job ads on the internet and in newspapers rose by one per cent in January from pullback of 0.1 per cent decline in December last year.

Updates from ANZ show that, the Job ads were rising up by 10.8 per cent on the same month a year ago were, ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan said there have been a broad upswing in hiring intentions since early 2014.

Since from January 2014, out of 25 monthly readings only five have been a contraction.

Mr. Craig James, CommSec chief economist shared that, since from July 2012, the job ads are now at the highest level.

He also added that the job market continuing to strengthen the underpinned by low growth of labour costs and firm demand for workers across the services sector. Which makes future interest rate cuts less likely.


Mr James said this latest Job requirement through job ads will most likely be reflected in higher employment in the next five to six months.

ANZ's Mr Hogan  has shared that his try on making the enough effort to maintain the jobless rate stable and also expects further moderate employment gains in early 2016. He also warned that it's unlikely the Australian economy will enjoy the same strong pace of jobs growth from last year.

He also added that, In 2015, the total employment increased by 305,000, the second strongest year of job creation is in the 21st century after 2006. The practice of advertising new positions, though the newspapers and ads are in its ending since from it has initiated.


Moreover, the demand is for global economic and financial volatility and pressure on mining and manufacturing industries may weigh on businesses in this year 2016.


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