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Scotland's Employment Rate Reaches All Time High

Scotland's Employment Rate Reaches All Time High

Jan 22,2015

New official figures state that the employment rates in Scotland has reached soaring heights. Recent estimates show that during the months between September to November, the employment number rose to 2,612,000 last year. The Scottish government was of the view that the rate of unemployment was now 79,000 less than the maximum record of 2010. During this same time, the UK unemployment too got lowered by 58,000, thus, accounting for 1.91 million.

While UK as a whole had unemployment rate of 5.8%, Scotland stood with a 5.7%. The government of Scotland said that the growth in employment balanced the number of Scots looking out for jobs on a weekly basis, which were approximately 1,000. New GDP figures correspond to Scotland’s economic growth of 3% during the third quarter on an annual basis and by 0.6% on quarterly basis. Since 2007, this has been the fastest annual growth. Updated GDP estimates depict an output from the service sector which contributes to around 72% of Scotland’s economy. 

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