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Saudi Arabia-Women Business Park to create 21,000 jobs

Saudi Arabia-Women Business Park to create 21,000 jobs

May 03,2016

Saudi Arabia’s first all women business park is looking forward to create about 21,000 jobs for Saudi women by 2025

The Saudi’s women Business Park is a joint project between the University princess Naurah, the world’s largest women university and Wipro Arabia. Wipro is a largest IT and business consulting Services Company.

The business park dedicated to Saudi’s working women, this is a first project purposed to give knowledge based women employment.

The project is proposed to be the biggest business process services, engineering drafting services and IT hub in the region for a number of industry sectors including oil & gas industry, manufacturing, government, health, telecom and construction.

The joint project is responsible for development of park’s facilities and infrastructure along with training in providing employment to 21,000 Saudi women.

The ultimate goal of the joint project is to permit women in critical role which will serve the objectives of nation and helps in building the nation’s economy with international relationships. 


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