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Rise in Call Center Jobs in Michigan For Professional Hunt

Rise in Call Center Jobs in Michigan For Professional Hunt

Aug 09,2014

The number of call center jobs in Michigan is likely to rise given the labor costs of foreigners have increased. As the country is associated with in-house operations and new call center contracts, chances of Increasing Call Center Jobs in Michigan business is expected to grow.
Why Michigan?
The state has excellent skilled labor, who can deal with new technologies in administering customer service and tax incentives to entice new business. More than six call centers have been established in the state over this year, creating over 1,300 jobs during the period.  
Since October 2013, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. had been assisting three call center openings by funding $4 million in performance-based grants. This August, a new call center entitled as ‘S&P Data Michigan LLC’ will be established in Southeast Michigan.     
The vice president of Kelly Services Inc.'s Southeast Michigan operations in Troy, Dan Spallone, said that the organization is hiring a call center employee in every 38 seconds. He added that the demand for support and services is driven by the developing economy. However, the activity of expanding prevailing call centers in addition to opening additional centers is taking place at a faster pace. 
At present, Kelly Services is operating call center services for 25 clients and has even signed seven new contracts. In Michigan, the increase in number of call centers is due to available talent. In fact, the toughest challenge faced by the call center is to find the right employee with the right technical skills. By overcoming all these aspects, Southeast Michigan stood in top by addressing a huge requirement and that’s the main reason why most clients eye towards their state, stressed Spallone.
Pay Packets 
On the other hand, the wage levels also range from $9.50 per hour to $12 per hour. However, the pay packets may vary depending on the incentives and designations. 
All in all, these aspects have made majority of Overseas Call Centers Jobs turn towards Michigan.

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