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Richard Bruton honored Ireland Enterprise for its record on overseas job creation

Richard Bruton honored Ireland Enterprise for its record on overseas job creation

Jan 08,2016

In last year, one of the State's business agencies have created more than 10,000 new overseas jobs.

Ireland Enterprise has shared that, before the end of the year 2015, their client firms have hired nearly 21,118 employees, which is its total workforce in their businesses to 192,223. It’s the highest record for their Job creation to place overseas employers.

They also revealed that, when layoffs have taken into account the agency's helped  in adding 10,169 people to their workforce in placing into overseas jobs.

Jobs Minister Richard Bruton appreciated the Ireland Enterprise  for staffing such huge overseas employees and also doubling the number in trade missions, which is being played as their part of the success.

He also added that, the Irish employer’s have an originated unique capacity in creating the overseas jobs for their country’s towns and cities. Well, these unique capacities  have created more than three quarters of the extra overseas jobs of 135,000 across the economy’s companies.

Enterprise Ireland also shared that in Ireland by overseas entrepreneurs 15 investments were established overseas companies, while 61 are of start-up overseas companies and these were led by women.

By analyzing the above reports, Mr. Richard Bruton said that, almost two thirds of the new overseas jobs were created outside Dublin

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