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Requirement for Illustrators, Designers and Architects in Australia Increases

Requirement for Illustrators, Designers and Architects in Australia Increases

Feb 04,2015

Employment opportunities in the sectors of architecture and design are on the rise and recruitment gurus are of the view that the trend will continue till 2018. Advertisements in these two areas have nearly doubled during the previous year, indicating a growing demand for people having skills and expertise in these fields.

In general, the demand for animators, web designers, illustrators, architects and graphic designers has been surging, with jobs growing at a rate of 18 percent more than the last five years. According to the Department of Employment, by 2018, it would have grown by 15 percent. The more classic field of design which is architecture is showing a skyrocketing demand in Australia. This is slated to project a growth of 11 percent by 2018.

The recent spurt in Australian animation world has produced blockbuster hits like Wolverine, Happy Feet and Where the wild things are. According to regional director of recruitment firm, Hays, Adam Shapley said that as a result there was greater requirement for Australian studios. Tough competition in the architectural field is also a driving force for illustrators who are responsible for producing high quality graphics in order to win more projects.

Additionally, a recent revival in the construction business has led to a greater want for architects. The Australian government was now heavily investing in infrastructure such that high growth regions like Melbourne and Sydney are in need of specialized and highly skilled architects. With the introduction of the Building Information Modeling technology, roles like architectural drafters and building designers will be more crucial in the construction business. 

Shapely added that as the permeating digital economy was moving its work online, the requirement of web designers in this industry had increased. What companies are looking for in animators while hiring are technical versatility, business and solid drafting skills as well as drawing talent. As for illustrators, they need to have strong verbal skills for selling ideas and making presentations. Creativity factor is the factor employers are looking for while recruiting interior designers. 3D Max, rhino, Revit and Photoshop should be known to them. 

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