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Record annual growth of 8.6% in Global employment

Record annual growth of 8.6% in Global employment

Mar 16,2016

The global employment and recruitment industry sails to show solid growth, ascending both the depth and scope of its HR solutions and thereby supporting over 70 million people worldwide to access descent work. This is outnumbering the wholesome employed candidates of Fortune 500 companies together. It contrasts with 196.4 million unemployed people globally.
Lining from North America to Latin America and from Europe to Asia, it identifies jobs and trains people with the much needed skills in the labor market and helps in making them effective transitions throughout their working lives.
“The sector is thrusting in an altering world of work where expert, tailor-made and adaptable work solutions are already a necessity and will continue to exist in the future as well.”

Enabling adaptation
At global level, the sector supported five million companies in adapting to fluctuating demand and circumstances. It also ensured that 4.9 million workers received training, both in person and through bipartite funds set up by agencies and trade unions. This commitment to life-long learning helps workers in adapting to a new reality.
Agency workers consistently report high levels of satisfaction and appreciate their careers being monitored by professionals. They choose/chose to work through agencies for a variety of reasons - from wanting to achieve better work and balance life, in order to gain experience through a flexible work.


Enabling security
The sector enables security for either parties (companies and workers). Companies are secure in the knowledge of accessing talent with the skills needed to compete with the existing players in the market and that they can rely on the industry for tailor-made HR solutions. The industry delivers security to workers by placing them in decent jobs with a stabilized providence of income. 30% of people signing with an agency are unemployed and 89% remain in employment at the end of an assignment, as the sector acts as a boon in and to the world of work.


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