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Raising Australian Economy

Raising Australian Economy

Aug 18,2015

Despite employment opportunities are growing steadily from the past few years, people are still not having the confidence in the economy nor or happy about the news in employment growth. And therefore, it’s not a surprise to see that wages as well as household income are rising based on the recession in the economy.

In the year May 2014 – May 2015, thousands of jobs were created in various sections. These include:

Scientific & Technology – 99,500 , Health Care & Social Assistant  – 67, 300, Accommodation & Food – 48, 100, Arts & Recreation – 34, 300, Transport & Postal industry - 24,700, Construction – 23, 500, Public Administration & Safety - 18,100, Info Media & Telco – 10, 000, Admin & Support - 6,200, Education - 4,700 and Mining – 33, 000.

Due to the booming infrastructure industry, nearly 23,000 jobs have been added to the civil and construction industry.

The overall average increase in the earnings is just 2%, the lowest annual growth after the 1990s recession. In the previous year, part-time job opportunities have grown manifold than full time job opportunities.

Although the income and wages are not growing on that high level, the happy news is that employment rate is growing steadily.

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