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Quebec encourages 51,000 immigrants in 2017 according to strategy

Quebec encourages 51,000 immigrants  in 2017 according to strategy

Oct 28,2016

To dismiss the disapproval from the opposition as more of hot air, Quebec’s immigration minister publicizes plans for 2017, allowing 51,000 new immigrants into the state and also to increase in the coming years.

Quebec is spending 31 million dollars additionally, in French language programs to improve their language skills to blend well in the society.

On Thursday, both the announcements were made by Quebec’s immigration diversity Minister, Kathleen Weil.

Weil said that she trusts the new immigration orientations are in equilibrium. That got unfolded after public discussions along with community groups, labor, corporate interests and host of experts.

Quebec not only gets the required labor, but also provides immigrants the new beginning, that is progressively improved for market needs.   

With Avenir Québec and Parti Québécois opposing in alliance, criticism of threatening immigration situations was controlled by Kathleen Weil. .

The duo has called for considerable decrement in the digits, where as Quebec is not well equipped in controlling the inflow.

Weil said “Yes, it’s worrisome,” when asked regarding the CAQ and PQ’s observation. “And I think it’s irresponsible.

It’s irresponsible if it’s based on hot air. They don’t have any statistics to support it. He (CAQ Leader François Legault) pulled that number (40,000 a year) out of a hat.

I have done three consultations. Nobody ever asked that we lower the number. People just want to make sure you have a plan and you are going to invest in integration, you’re going to invest in French language courses and you are going to work to ensure these people have a job.”

The immigration numbers are almost similar to previous years. Levels will be steadied down with the strategy at 51,000 fresh arrivals in the following two years and eventually grow in the third year to 52,500.

Immigrants who come from Africa and Asia are mostly categorized in economic level that are qualified seekers who are willing to invest in Quebec. Out of the overall pool of 30,000 immigrants, these are around six out of every 10.

The target is to slowly increase the number of immigrants in the classified economic group from 59% to 63%, to address the long-term employee scarcity in most of the provinces in Quebec.

Access  to available work for immigrants that match their skill sets, will be available with a new job bank with a fresh start this New Year, Weil said.

Quebec government is spending almost 168 million dollars in helping immigrants to learn French.  This will assist 85% qualified immigrant workers to function even in French before arrival.

The plan was condemned by the opposition.

 “Mr. (Philippe) Couillard is opening the floodgates toward his 60,000 immigrants a year,” CAQ immigration critic Nathalie Roy said in reference to a number once floated by the premier.

Carole Poirier PQ critic said Weil’s targets are “a recipe for failure.”


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