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Peak demand for ICT permanent Job roles in Australia

Peak demand for ICT permanent Job roles in Australia

Feb 06,2016

There is increase in Information and communication Technology (ICT) overseas employment opportunity for the permanent roles.


Information Technology Contract and Recruitment Association (ITCRA) updated that, there was continuous growth in the permanent roles in October to December of 2015.


ITCRA CEO, Julie Mills stated that, the Skill Match data found that, 16% of new roles were permanent positions in the last quarter of 2015. Since from the starting of this year, now this roles has risen from 9%. These permanent roles were mainly driven in the New South Wales to 20%, whereas in the previous the high record was 13%. She also added that,


Across Australia the average time to fill permanent roles has steadily decreased during 2015 from 67 to 45 days. This indicates that there is precise shift to overseas employer’s market.

The best time till now for the permanent positions was in Queensland (53 days) and Western Australia (56 days). These are the tough markets for recruiters and employers to find the right candidates, where the employers takes much longer to make decisions in those markets.


Contradictory to this, the Victorian and New South Wales places for overseas job markets has steady with the amount of time by two quarters for for the permanent roles. For South Australia’s market differs by each quarter.


According to Mills, the other indicator hinting at strength in the permanent market is steady remuneration compared to contract roles.

Nationally, according to contractors, an average hourly rates have shifted from earning 58%  to more than permanent roles in Q1 2015, to earning 23% more in Q4 2015.

Mills declared that there is high demand for contract roles. Based on the current market results, it has reached to a new permanent roles.

Presently the contract market consists demand to fill contract roles, which has demanded around 30 days for the last three quarters. There are small fluctuations in few states, with a slight increase in the time to recruit contractors in South Australia.


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