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Overseas Job Vacancies in Immigration Department-Kuala Lumpur

Overseas Job Vacancies in Immigration Department-Kuala Lumpur

Jan 06,2016

Kuala Lumpur: Immigration Department  has over 1,646 Overseas job vacancies to be filled early from Febraury 2016.

Mr. Datuk Abdul Halim Abdul Rahman, Deputy director-general (Management) said that almost 484 candidates for the grade KP17 posts and 70 for the grade KP27 posts were expected to report for duty from February, 2016.

He also added that, till date over 12,774 posts have been filled. For the rest of vacant posts, the Immigration Department is collaborating with the Public Service Commission for making the interview sessions in the hold.

After the Federal Territory-level Immigration Day 2015 celebration, he also declared that, the recruitment exercise will be kept on hold for rest posts to fill up the rest vacancies too in nationwide, especially in Johor. Now the government is about to approve the application for a RM200 per month by enforcing, by involving an allocation of RM30.4 million.


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