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Overseas IT professionals get double digit hike in salary for 2016

Overseas IT professionals get double digit hike in salary for 2016

Dec 16,2015

There is growth for the IT professionals by Double digit in 2016. Whereas IT professionals have high demand in 2015, where their salaries were grown by 2.8%.

According to the latest 2016 Trend report by Hays UK salary & Recruiting Trends, Overseas IT professional have enjoyed the biggest gain in their salary hike for all sectors in 2015. Well, the majority (63%) of overseas IT professionals are planning to change their current positions and want to settle down with the next year (2016) bonanza offer. As employers are about to set the challenging environment with increase in pressure to do more attract and to retain the best talent.

The analysis of salary data from Hays UK updated that the overseas job opportunities and the candidate registrations have average salary hike in marketing by 2.8% in 2015, which is more than the national average increase by 2.3 %. By seeing this report, we can say that there is growth for required positions by the double- digit hike in their salary. Especially, for those who are working for the project and change management roles. This was analyzed accurately by conducting survey on over 1,200 employers and employees in the IT sectors. As it also has reported that the largest proportion of employers, nearly 72% of employees are confident that the business activity will increase by 2016 by rising over 2.5% of annual salary to their employees. For the talent intensifies, nearly 76%  employers are planning to increase the  headcount, but 80% declared that there is a lag in skills, where it will be a challenged to overcome and get ready to face the competition to grab the overseas job opportunity.


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