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Outdoor Mobile Mapping Market to Hit $4 Billion by 2020

Outdoor Mobile Mapping Market to Hit $4 Billion by 2020

Mar 07,2016

As per the Global Mobile Mapping Market report 2016-2020, the demand for maps across the industries has hiked significantly and applications developed using maps are leading enterprises to streamline their business processes; processing, storage, procurement and supply chain. Entities are using digital maps on their respective wearable devices.  

On the other side, the healthcare service providers such as hospitals, clinics and community centers are using digital maps to track and monitor ambulances, medical equipment, in-patient flow, doctors and employees in-order to brand themselves as efficient health care service providers.

The global mobile mapping market to grow at a rate of 14.05% CAGR during the period 2016-2020 is the sheer forecast by the expert analysts. Due to the expensive equipment and paucity of skilled labor, leading map providers are not able to update their maps regularly. However, Crowd-Sourcing map providers, such as Google and Open Street map, are able to do so and causing users to choose updated maps for free, which is causing many enterprises to adapt Crowd-sourced free maps.

In the year 2015, the Americans dominated this market and accounted for a market share of more than 40%. The eminent factors such as; the high adoption of mobile mapping solutions, services and platforms across the sectors like transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, media and entertainment in the US and Canada will result in the robust growth of American market.

Another linked report is that Global Mobile GIS Market 2016-2020 report forecasts global mobile GIS market to grow at a 10.04% CAGR. As per the report, the adoption of GIS technology is pebbling with the variable usage hike of mobile devices. GIS, in mobile devices is helping many organizations leverage the maps and streamline the field workflows. For instance, utility workers do use mobile devices installed with digital maps in-order to locate gas and water networks. With the usage of mobile devices updating any spatial information improves the statistical-efficiency-line of the field workforce and to replace paper-based surveys like work-orders and censuses, marking an eco-friendly deed mard in the present times for a fortune. 


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