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Opportunity path for overseas workers in Australia in Tourism Industry

Opportunity path for overseas workers in Australia in Tourism Industry

Nov 10,2015

The Australian Former Labor Tourism Accommodation’s Chairman Mr. Martin Ferguson intimated to the Federal Government to permit an overseas workers, who are holding 457 visa as well as working holiday visas to their nation.

Today’s updated report declared that there will be an extra need of 123,000 workers to indulge the demand for the tourism industry for the next five years.

The Herald Sun (Australian printing media) highlighted important information told by the former president of Australian Council of Trades Union, as the first priority is for employing an Australians, which costs less than bringing people from overseas. This may be useful to meet the local workforce demand for the expansion of their tourism industry in their nation.

He also added that the overseas workers invest their valuable work within their permit period of 12 to 24 months. Especially those who are on working holiday visa are beneficial for their economy. 

But ACTU (Australian Council of trade Unions) president conveys her opinion that the new jobs in the tourism industry should go to local unemployed people first rather than foreigners. As she has analyzed that the tourism industry is looking to employ 120,000 people for the next five years. Initially she is expecting to place currently unemployed people who are of around 80,000 in this country. She suggested to hotel operators to hire the unemployed hospitality workers who can’t get job now instead of temporary visa workers.

She also added that this great opportunity will train more staff to work in these jobs which will be beneficial for their nation’s future scope.

In Australia more than 10,000 rooms of hotels are into construction and expecting to rise 6% per year with the increase in its number in tourists. Out of which expected to hit 10 Million by the year of 2023 in the same industry.



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