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Nurses Find Great Demand in Dubai

Nurses Find Great Demand in Dubai

Mar 09,2015

With the rise in new hospitals and health care facilities opening up in the UAE, nurses are in great demand. The demand for professionals in the medical sector, including nurses has been consistently on the rise over the years. According to authorities, they are trying their best to upgrade themselves with the growing needs of this industry by generating adequate workforce.

The Dubai Health Authority, in December, 2014 witnessed recruitment of 531 nurses from different nations like Philippines, India and Jordan, in a bid to raise their numbers in the field of health care. Some of the private hospitals are on the lookout for different kinds of specialty nurses. These health care providers can gain a lot in terms of salary structure, depending on certain factors.

The average salary for nurses in the UAE is Dh 8,500, ranging between Dh 3,500 and 16,000. Some of the attributing factors are career level, nature of nursing jobs and experience in the field. Average income for a staff nurse is Dh 86,577 annually or Dh 7,215 yearly. Those with this kind of a job generally move on to other positions. 

The requisite skills that result in higher pay are operating room (OR), pediatrics and emergency room (ER). You should hold a legal license to practice as a nurse in UAE. Additionally, you should also possess the following credentials. To begin with, you should have completed secondary school successfully and awarded with a high school certificate. 

You should have a minimum qualification as a registered nurse or midwife, with three years of nursing education in both cases and an additional year of midwifery certification for the latter. The qualifications for a specialty nurse remain same as that for a registered nurse. For a practical nurse or midwife, an 18 months accredited training program is sufficient.

Besides the above, you should hold a valid license to practice in any of these roles and be registered in your home nation without any restrictions or conditions. As a registered nurse or midwife, you should hold a minimum of two years of full-time experience in an acute care facility. As a specialty nurse, you should have not less than four years of full-time experience, having at least two years in the area of expertise. As a practical nurse or midwife, one would have to show a minimum of one-year full-time experience in a critical care facility. An important part of all the requirements is your competency in reading and writing in English as all examinations are conducted in this language.

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