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Not Now, but Canadian Jobs Might Actually Be Booming

Not Now, but Canadian Jobs Might Actually Be Booming

Sep 19,2016

For those of you worried about all the bad news coming out recently about Canada’s job market, here’s an unusual bit of good news: Those negative numbers might just be wrong.

Statistics Canada’s closely-observed labour force survey (LFS) has depressed job-seekers almost every month this year, but an backup measure of jobs from the agency recommends that  the job market is actually doing very nicely.

Statistic Canada survey of employment payroll and hours (SEPH) found Canada added a whopping 52,700 jobs in June of this year, the latest month for which data is available with the SEPH. The earlier labour force survey had announced that Canada did lose 38,000 full-time jobs that month, excluding self-employment.

The labour force survey found Canada has added measly 0.6 per cent net new jobs over the past year, not enough to keep up with population growth of about 1.1 per cent. But the SEPH desires to differ: It says Canada added 1.2 per cent new jobs over the past year, more than population growth.

Ontario and British Columbia are still the winners, regardless of the survey you’re looking at.

B.C. is the jobs champion, adding 2.9 per cent new jobs, or 3.1 per cent new jobs, depending on the survey. Ontario steals the second place, adding 0.9 per cent new jobs in the labour force survey, and 2.3 per cent new jobs in the alternate SEPH.


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