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North Carolina demands for More Skilled Workers on H-1B Visas

North Carolina demands for More Skilled Workers on H-1B Visas

Jun 22,2016

North Carolina, the state of United States desires colossal number of foreign workers to work in IT industries. Charlotte is the second largest city of Carolina, which is a hub for IT companies.  The employers are inaccessible to suitable talent from local applicants, they can import foreign nationals using H-1B visa category. 


The businesses of Charlotte say that the Federal Law enables them to hire foreign nationals to work in their corresponding industries. However, critics say that some employer’s abuse H-1B visa and American Workers are settled off to hire foreign nationals. 


The H-1B visas are highly standardized annually 65,000 permits are acknowledged in the category. The employees are remarkably paid for their job role in the United States and it is not a cheap labor. People like Donald Trump, are intensifying migration and trying to create problems for immigrants. 


The United States need talented migrants and H-1B visas are advantageous to fill skill shortages. There are hundreds of Charlotte employers who opted for H-1B visas on behalf of the skilled workers in 2015. There are lots of people with H-1B visas in Charlotte the INDIA is one of major sources for H-1B visas.



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