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Nike to Create 10,000 Jobs in the US

Nike to Create 10,000 Jobs in the US

May 11,2015

On 8 May 2015, Nike said that the firm could bring more jobs in the US, if the Asian-Pacific deal gets approved. The firm is planning to create 10,000 engineering and manufacturing jobs in the United States. 

The president of the US, Obama, is going to travel to Nike's headquarters in Oregon to rally support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Trade Promotion Authority. 

Since 2009, the U.S. government has been discussing Trans-Pacific Partnership with 11 other nations, such as Australia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile and Mexico.

This proposal wipes out trade tariffs to cut-down the cost of exporting as well as importing that would assist to make U.S. businesses more competitive abroad.

According to the Nike, on the successful approval of trade agreements, 10,000 latest engineering and manufacturing jobs in the United States will be created. And in the next 10 years, the trade deal could lead to as many as 40,000 jobs. 

The proposal could foster free trade as well as assist its innovation; additionally it would remove certain tariffs that have to be paid by the Nike.  

The government of US expects that the contract would add $223 billion for each year to the international economy by 2025. 

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