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Newzealand Faces Shortage Of Professionals In Various Industries

Newzealand Faces Shortage Of Professionals In Various Industries

Jul 11,2015

Newzeland offers exciting opportunities for professionals in various industries including Information Technology (IT), Medicine, Engineering and so on.

Apart from these, there are certain skills which are always in demand and where Newzealand is facing shortage of skilled professionals.

Getting a work as well as residence visa in Newzealand will be easy, if you get a job offer from the list of skills shortage list or if you have the required experience and qualifications matching to these skills.

The government of Newzealand has stipulated that employers have to recruit the people from overseas in case they are not able to find the people locally.

Long term shortages and immediate shortages of professionals have been observed in Agriculture & Forestry, Construction, Education, Engineering, Finance/Business, Health & Social Services, Recreation, Hospitality & Tourism, Science, Trades and Transport industries.

In-addition Long term shortages is also observed in ICT & Electronics and Telecommunications industries where as Immediate Shortages has been observed in Oil & Gas industry. Also, Canterbury shortages are observed in the areas of Construction, Engineering, Telecommunications and Trade industries.

Even though if your skills and experience is not matching to the shortage skills list and if you still want to obtain a permanent residency in Newzealnd, it is still possible. You have the option to apply as a Skilled Migrant. In-case if you receive a job offer from the employer, you can apply for work visa.

According to the government of Newzealand, the economy is expected to add more than 100,000 jobs with an expected growth of 4.4% by 2016.  Strong growth is expected in Canterbury regions and Auckland in utilities and construction industries.

Professionals and Managers are in huge demand across industries and these jobs are expected to account for over 50% of overall growth.


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