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New Zealand’s New Beneficial Immigration Policies for Immigrants

New Zealand’s New Beneficial Immigration Policies for Immigrants

Nov 05,2015

Government of New Zealand has changed its policies for migrants, who have applied for the new Zealand Auckland PR (permanent residence) which is around 5,000, will be befitting by the government if they go for alternate option introduced by the new Zealand government. As Government declared to grant extra points for the migrant’s residency, who work for other regions apart from Auckland.


This helpful result by the New Zealand government will benefit to reach the threshold of 100 points, if they ready to choose other regions apart from Auckland.  Which will benefit for the submitting of application for the residency.


Minister of New Zealand Immigration Mr. Michael Woodhouse directed that the jobs are getting hard in Auckland, which will increase the chances for migrants to get job in other regions apart from Auckland and also feel of native ability is the living advantage for them.


 According to the government statistical immigration analysis, there is an 8% hike in the visitors entry to New Zealand especially skill based immigrants along with students. Who is visiting frequently here. As there is good demand for the skilled laborer immigrants in many regions of New Zealand. Almost immigrants who seek for the permanent residency are mostly from China, India and Germany. Who came here on their work visas.


It was also published that the visa approvals for overseas students who of around 16% has increased and the visitors who came here were 1.49 million in count makes high rate of 11%  compared to previous year.


Acting head of Immigration for New Zealand, Mr. Steve McGill, declared that there is increase in visitors and students arrival to New Zealand since from 2011. So, the region has got enlarged with population of around 6,400 in the year of 2014-15. Especially with 20% increase in students, comparing with the previous year.



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