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New jobs creation in GCC countries has increased opportunities for Jobseekers

New jobs creation in GCC countries has increased opportunities for Jobseekers

Jan 13,2016

New jobs creation in GCC countries has increased opportunities for Jobseekers.

According to GCC updates, the hiring activity has risen by 14 percent to 18 Percent from December 2015 in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait with 8 percent growth.

Latest Naukrigulf Job Index (Leading Job site in the UAE) speaks that, there are such industries like services and education witnessed have outstanding job opportunities with huge new jobs creation.

Well, the data show the increase demand in IT & Telecom, FMCG, Manufacturing, engineering and healthcare domains while banking, retail and Oil& gas registered a dip in the current job market.

The Naukrigulf Job Speak Index analyzed that there is an increase in demand for middle and senior level professionals. Junior level candidates also have an increase but not as much as their senior counterparts.

Naukrigulf.com business head- Tarun Aggarwal shares that he is excited to launch a Naukrigulf Job Speak Index for GCC, which is the right platform to approach the right overseas employers to the job seekers. The complete measure of movements in the hiring activity is in UAE region.

In this first edition, the region has a growth of 7 per cent in the creation of new jobs in December over October’2015. Furtherly, Monthly index will be a representation of new jobs creation for GCC.

He also shared that, hiring trends in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait look impressive whereas UAE, Oman and Bahrain are slowly moving ahead over this period. There is an exponential increase in the demand for services, recruitment and consulting opportunities in the GCC.

Country-wise analysis

The hiring activity in GCC countries has a positive response for in December over October 2015.

•   There is Positive growth in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar and Bahrain countries by 18 per cent, 14 per cent, 9 per cent and 6 per cent respectively in the current job market.

•    United Arab Emirates, Oman and Bahrain countries also seen positive movements with increase by 2 per cent, 3 per cent and 6 per cent respectively.

Sectoral analysis

Most industries in the GCC region have more job opportunities for the skilled matched candidates.

•    Services sectors like education, trading, health, FMCG, IT, telecom & Internet lead the new job opportunities in the current market with a 60 per cent growth in December over October’15

•    Educational sector with 21 per cent, trading sector 17 per cent, FMCG, IT, telecom & Internet at 14 per cent, manufacturing & healthcare at 12 per cent and 10 per cent respectively also offered new job opportunities.

•    Retail -16 per cent, banking & finance -12 per cent recorded a slump while oil, gas, chemicals & energy -3 percent witnessed a dip in new jobs being created. 

•    Construction & allied only grew by 1 per cent

Role- wise demand

Roles wise there is an increase in opportunities for IT and medical professionals in the GCC.

•    There is high demand for IT professionals, recorded 21 per cent by increase in jobs creation.

•    Medical professionals followed with an increase of 14 per cent

•    HR & Admin and engineering job seekers has by 3 per cent in new jobs creation.

•    There is a decline in hiring activity for finance & accounts professionals by -2 per cent

•    There was no increase in the number of jobs for sales & marketing professionals in the current market.

Work experience scenario

There is  a rise for the every level, with middle and senior management positions in the new job creation report.
There is high demand in the GCC New job opportunities for middle and senior management positions by an increase of 15 per cent.
There is good demand for junior employees and Fresher’s, which is recorded at 3 per cent and 1 per cent respectively in the new job creation.


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