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New IT jobs for the next six months in Australia.

New IT jobs for the next six months in Australia.

Dec 01,2015

According to the Clicks IT Recruitment quarterly Confidence Index, the new survey made in Australia, has revealed that confidence on current economic conditions has been rising for every quarter from last year.

They also added that being total 500 IT professionals in Australia, out of which 99% are local, among them 80% were currently employed and the remaining 20% were out of work/unemployed. As they survey has also showed that 30% of IT workers has a positive outlook on their economic climate, up from 22% and 46% has neutral responses from the last quarter.

The company has declared this to the number of respondents, who are interested to start their career in new IT job for the next 12 Months, which is about to rise up the opportunities from 49% to 59 % more.

The all respondents who live on the east coast of Australia, especially in New South Wales and Victoria, even though both states are strong enough in their economic climate, there is a recent change in political leadership, which may also count for their continued rise in the optimistic Index in their report said by Mr.Ben Wood the Click managing Director.

He also added that the confidence levels are considered in evaluating the Index report, which will be improved by 2015 and which will reflect the Clicks business activity, with an increase in the number of available job opportunities.


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