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New application process to Foreign Nationals for Temporary Work Permit

New application process to Foreign Nationals for Temporary Work Permit

Nov 07,2015

The Canadian new online system known as ‘Employer Portal’  Inaugurated  by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), for managing the process of Canadian temporary employment offers made by Canadian employers to foreign nationals  through International Mobility Program (IMB). This New online system has started operating from October 26, 2015.

 The documentation results the proof as that there will be a positive and neutral response from Canadian labour market on dealing with  Canadian Temporary employment offer to foreign workers,  through IMP and relieving from the requirements they are  applying for and attain a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) on it. On the other hand the job that requires LMIA, which comes under Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) which doesn’t match with the IMP, is taken into consideration for further roles for its implementation.


The immunities from the LMIA process are found off:

Various competitive advantages to Canada permanent residents, apart from broader economic, its cultural.

Good examples for foreign workers who come to Canada through IMP are into North Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) which also includes intra-company  transferees and workers in it.


The ‘Employer Portal ‘updated series through IMP for Foreign Nationals are as follows:

The changes made in employer’s application process, through IMP for newly launched “Employer Portal” will add extra benefit to foreign workers. As this has been operating from 21 February, 2015. These new changes in application process will add benefits to new requirements or employers, who can submit their offers of employment to citizenship and immigration Canada (CIC). And all this has to be follow  before arriving at the Canadian border and  following the new fee structure.

Previously (before 21 February, 2015), the foreign nationals who are wishing to work in Canada on an LMIA were able to relieve any one at the Canadian border. Since from that they have been unable to obtain an employer-specific work permit to them. To get their Temporary work permission, they have to submit their required information documents and pay a fee before work permit application is submitted to them.


Submission of Employment offer:

Frequently, hiring a temporary worker through IMP must follow,

Pay the employer compliance fee of $230.
Have to submit the employment offer through ‘Employer Portal’.

Employers no need to submit their ‘Employment offer form or pay of employer compliance fee’, if the foreign nationals get the ‘open work permission’ from Canadian employer.  This open work permit from Canadian employer allows foreign worker to work with any Canadian employer in Canada.

The International students who are graduated from a Canadian schools, participants of Internationals and their spouses or common law partners who were highly skilled workers are few applicants settling in Canada are even finalized for PR.  These individuals are few good examples of who initially into open work permission.

So, if the foreign worker is not holding an open work permit, the Canadian Employer is ready to hire foreign nationals under the IMP  through “Employer portal “.


How does the ‘Employer Portal’ work?

Inherently’ Employer Portal’ is an online replacement of an IMM 5802 form.   As Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) relieve Employment offer to Foreign Nationals. The questions asking is IMM 5802 and in online Employer Portal are mostly same. The information submitting in the Employer Portal should be Updated and accurate manner, it may be used to review employer compliance on its later date.

The process of entering the details for the Foreign nationals as once they login into the Employer Portal and the user can see the required questions and option to submit an offer of employment will be displaying  with the submit button.  Along with this the minimum requirements (various levels of education) including details of wage, benefits  and  job being offered to him/ her must also be submitted. Once this sections have been completed. The User can move for employer compliance fee ( $230) and submit the information to CIC through the portal itself.  For the work permit offer confirmation the user has to wait for a few hours or up to a couple of days, to receive a confirmation that the Employer Portal people has got their profile or not. Once the offer is accepted through the Portal, the Employer portal ( Business)  will receive a number of files that will be forwarded to the foreign worker, so that he or she can apply for a temporary work permit.

Attorney Daniel Levy of Campbell Cohen Law Firm said that; the changes in the Employer Portal befits to employers wishing to work on temporary  basis in Canada through  international hiring process made by the employer Portal business.

  This online international temporary hiring process has good record, as all of the changes, taken together to increase the margin for error on the part of employers where they are previously used to lag in. Navigating the new portal and submitting as offer of employment online are two new obstacles that much be faced and the information submitting through portal may be used. It is important to get the place  right details, which will be review on the fee compliance for particular foreign national.



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