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Nearly 80,000 Trainee Jobs Unfilled as Germans Choose Uni

Nearly 80,000 Trainee Jobs Unfilled as Germans Choose Uni

Aug 27,2014

The major number of young individuals  preferring university degrees rather than vocational training, and companies are struggling to get fresh qualified individuals for employment.  
There exists enormous number of educational opportunities for young individuals in 2014, Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) reports. 
Almost one third of the 13,000 firm’s reviews said that they can’t plug their apprenticeships, a rise of seven percent compared to previous year.  
At present, the firms are facing difficult situations in getting apprentices and announced that there are tens of thousands of opportunities throughout the nations. Construction and hospitality were mostly affected fields due to the shortage. 
Over 60% of respondents said that they were unable to get sufficient trainees in the previous year.
The number of students preferring academics rather than vocational courses is growing. About 507,000 students will strike the books at universities throughout Germany i.e. one third over a decade ago. Every year students face tough competition for joining at the universities.
Last year, the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) reported that by 2016, there will be an additional 36,000 spots available for the students desiring to pursue Masters Degree.
Among the companies seeking apprentices, 71% have pointed that there is a lack of appropriate applicants. The DIHK also detected that approximately half of those with accessible training choices said that Maths marks and German language skills are significant while judging a candidate.
In 2014, the figures could be even horrible for the DIHK members, since there are 53,000 fewer learners contending to graduate from schools than previous year.
As a result of the deficit, more companies are seeking fresh incentives to entice young individuals into their ranks. Over two-thirds of reacting firms said that they choose to get new hires from their own training programs rather than appointing someone from outside the firm ranks. Apprentices can probably get jobs in the insurance and banking industries.

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